Fund raising

An angel figure inside the church

The Select Vestry of St Anne’s undertook to raise enough money to carry out an extensive set of necessary repairs and renovations to our beautiful church. An estimated €120,000 isrequired. As well as applying for grants from local and central government we have held and will continue to hold a number of events throughout the year to make our own contribution. To this end we have held 2 Christmas draws, a quiz and more recently a Fete. €20,000 remains outstanding.  Currently we are running a Christmas Raffle.

Individual donations 

Donations can be made to: St Anne’s Restoration Fund, c/o The Deanery, Strandhill Road, Sligo, Ireland. Cheques should be made payable to St Anne’s Parish. 

We appreciate the generousity of those individuals who have already donated

Some photos from the fund-raising activities. 

A scene from the quiz night