Restoration of St. Anne’s

Restoration of the church has just been completed!!

The roof has been replaced, the barges restored and a new ceiling inserted.  The South Elevation of the roof has been 70% reslated re-using existing slates and it looks very well.  Nearly all of the existing slates have been re-used.  Work on the new ceiling has also been completed- it has been insulated and panelling has been put up. 

Details regarding fund-raising activities and how to donate can be found on a separate page.

The church was closed for a short period and Services were being held in temporary accommodation nearby.

The Conservation Consultant is Wendy Lyons of  J.W. Lyons and Associates.  The Contractor was Ivan Hamilton. 

The photographs below  give an indication of the condition of the church prior to the start of the restoration work and the work which needed to be undertaken.  Photos of the completed work will follow shortly – meantime view the post of the Re-opening and Dedication Service

  pics-courtesy Wendy Lyons

Slates have been removed and Sarking boards replaced

West Gable - showing damp around the window and the plaster being removed

Chimney on the West Gable in very poor condition

Daylight showing through the boards where the slates have been removed.

New ceiling boards being sprayed